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Preventing Fire Damage

Fires are a nightmarish thought for any homeowner. The thought of seeing your home, possessions, indeed your very life going up in flames is a sobering one. And while we don’t dwell on it, it is advisable to plan for such an eventuality. You should have smoke detectors and alarms placed throughout your home, remembering to change the batteries every three or four months. You should also have fire extinguishers placed in easily accessible locations both upstairs and downstairs. Have an evacuation plan that is understood by all family members, as well as a place for everyone to meet once they are out of the house.

What To Do In The Event Of Fire

Fire damage clean up should begin as soon as possible after a fire to prevent any further damage to the home. You should verify that the structure is stable before entering, and shut off all electricity and gas. Wear protective clothing, waterproof boots, rubber gloves. You will also want a face mask to avoid inhaling smoke or soot. Fire damage photos are invaluable for insurance purposes, so take plenty of pictures. Remove all fire damaged furniture and appliances outside where they can be cleaned, and open as many windows and doors as possible to begin removing smoke odor from the home.

Fire Damage Restoration

In most cases, fire damage restoration can take a period of weeks or even months, and it is advisable to call in a professional to do the work. The ideal company will be available 24/7, with a staff of qualified professionals, proficient on the latest fire restoration equipment and procedures. They will be able to handle all aspects of your specific fire restoration needs, and have you back enjoying your home for many years to come.

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