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What Is Water Damage

Water damage is any type of damage or loss to a property as the result of water or flooding problems. It may be on a small scale, only affecting one room in a given home, or it may be massive, encompassing entire communities or even multiple states. It can be as harmless as an overflowed sink or it can present serious health hazards such as flooding resulting from sewage backup. The destructive power of water should never be underestimated. It can ravage a home every bit as thoroughly as fire, and many times cause even greater problems if left untreated.

Causes Of Water Damage

Water damage in the home can result from internal problems such as burst pipes or leaky roofs, or from natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms, or simply heavier than average rainfall over a given area in a given time. However, even the smallest leaks can be devastating, as they are typically not discovered until they have grown to considerable size, by which time the damage is done.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is the process of returning a property damaged by water to its pre-loss condition. Ideally, restoration procedures should begin as soon as possible after the initial problem. It is important for the water to be removed and the structure dried out as soon as possible to avoid subsequent problems such as mold. They key word in this operation is “dry”... all water and residual moisture will need to be removed from all surfaces. Let the professionals at Local Flood Service.com handle all of your water damage repair and restoration needs

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